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We ONLY take payment using Western Union, Moneygram and bitcoins. The delivery time takes about 3 days or 24hours.
Charas is almost always a good smoker. (10-26% THC) Availability: Very rarely, very small quantities are available from time to time. Most hashes of this type are imported into India by private travelers. As expected, the price is very high for Nepalese. Charas are usually sold as “ground”, which is a piece of marijuana shaped like a sausage.
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2 reviews for Buy Charas Hash Online

  1. Indigo Morse

    This hash is my favorite hash. One of my top 5 favorite hashes. I take it occasionally. It is perfect for me. I would love to recommend it.

  2. Hiroko Carey

    It smelled good. But after taking it, my creative thinking expanded. You can take it in any mindset. It will work smoothly. I would love to recommend it.

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